AES is constantly engaged in research and development of new or re-formulation of existing frac fluid technologies. The research and development laboratory in The Woodlands, Texas provides technical support and customization of frac fluid packages to all of its oil and gas customers. Customers are able to send shale, water, and produced oil samples to the lab for a complete fluids package specific to their formation, designed to enhance the fracture with optimization of fluids.


+ Biocides + Diverting Agents
+ Breakers + Friction Reducers
+ Buffers + Gelling Agents
+ Clay Stabilizers + Iron Control
+ Corrosion Inhibitors + Scale Inhibitors
+ Crosslinkers + Surfactants

Frac Fluid Systems

Slickwater System
AES’s slickwater system is catered to specific formations and source water types, from freshwater to high brines. The system is mainly composed of a friction reducer which reduces horsepower required for fracturing, along with other additives depending on the customer’s needs.

Linear Gel System
Optimized to customer’s needs and is a backbone to the borate crosslink system, comprised of guar. Works with freshwater and produced waters.

Crosslink System
AES optimizes the borate crosslink fluid system based on the bottom hole temperature, duration of fracturing, and proppant carrying capacity. A related breaker profile will be associated with the crosslink system, customized to the customer’s needs. This allows for minimal damage to formation while enhancing production.

Laboratory Equipment & Support

Friction Flow Loop
AES Frac Fluids has capabilities to test friction reduction of fresh and produced waters with multiple chemical additives on its state of the art Chandler 6500 Friction Flow Loop. This enables the customer to be confident of compatibility of any additives to their slickwater system.

CST/Linear Swell/Roller Oven Studies
Clay stabilizer products can be tested using formation shale with a variety of equipments. This ensures the Clay control product works effectively on swelling and migrating clays.

AES has abilities to test a variety of crosslinked fluid systems with high temperature/high pressure rheometers. This allows the customer to be confident of sand carrying capabilities of the crosslink system under wellbore temperatures through the duration of the frac.