EnerSEAL Mixed Metal Hydroxide System


EnerSEAL is an advanced mixed metal hydroxide (MMH) water-base drilling fluid with superior stability and performance over previous systems. Using a proprietary chemistry, EnerSEAL delivers challenging wells where MMH technology performs but old systems could not deliver.

EnerSEAL provides ideal flow proper􀆟es for drilling: superior cutings suspension, low surge and pump pressures, a unique ability for the fluid to dramatically reduce formation losses, in-gauge wellbores, reduced torque and drag, and increased solids control efficiency. EnerSEAL features an optional inhibition package to reduce swelling and dispersion of clays and lower fluid loss.


• Superior cuttings suspension without impacting pump pressures
• Minimal washout
• Resistance to losses due to elevated viscosity under low shear conditions in thief zones
• Thermally stable up to 300 ° F


• Intervals with high risk of losses, such as fractured and unconsolidated formations
• Critical hole cleaning applications where pump pressures are limited
• Milling operations


System Brochure

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Case History

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Case History

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