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ABS 40 SYSTEMDrilling Fluid SystemA synthetic/mineral invert emulsion drilling fluid system.
ABS MULBlended EmulsifierA concentrated alkyl polyamide/fatty acid emulsifier package designed to provide superior emulsion stability.
AES CLAYSHIELDClay InhibitorA low molecular weight aliphatic polyamine which reduces dispersion and hydration of reactive clays and shale formation.
AES MUL XEmulsifierEmulsifier optimized for the AES VERT system
AES VIS IIViscosifierA high-yield organophillic clay which provides optimum rheology and secondary fluid loss control.
AES VIS IIIOrganophilic ClayA high-yield organophillic clay viscosifier and rheological additive for oil based drilling muds and invert based drilling muds.
AES VIS LSViscosifier/Rheology ModifierA blend of organophillic amino-attapulgite oragnoclay designed to provide optimal low shear rheology to enhance hole cleaning in oil based drilling fluids.
AES WA IIWetting AgentA hygroscopic phosphatide-based wetting agent which provides an extremely powerful wetting action to preferentially oil-wet drill solids, barite, and LCM additives.
BLUE MAXDetergent / SurfactantA concentrated, cost effective multi-purpose drilling detergent/surfactant.
CAL CARB FINECalcium CarbonateA ground marble, high purity, acid-soluble calcium carbonate
used as a sealing, bridging and weighting agent in drilling, drill-in and workover/completion fluids.
CAL CARB MIXLost Circulation Materialproprietary blend of sized premium calcium carbonate designed to provide sealing, bridging and seepage/ partial control.
CEDAR FIBERLost Circulation MaterialA shredded cedar wood used to prevent lost circulation. Blend of cellulose (wood) shaped with fibers that are effective in regaining circulation when seepage or major loss.
CHEMSEALLost Circulation MaterialA blend of fine and medium flakes, cellulose and fibrous materials designed to control lost circulation in drilling fluids.
CHEMSTOP OA sized blend of chemically treated pore bridging materials and sealing fibers developed to minimize loss of oil base fluid, while simultaneously reducing daily fluid maintenance costs.
DEFLOC 2000Dispersant/ThinnerAn anionic co-polymer deflocculant designed to efficiently control flow properties and filtration rates of low to medium solids fresh water mud systems.
DEFOAM ADefoamerA general purpose liquid defoaming agent that is alcohol based.
DEFOAMEX SBDefoamerA general purpose silicone based liquid defoaming agent that is effective in fresh water or seawater and in viscous brine systems.
DRILL BEADSLubricantDrilling Beads(copolymer) is a completely spherical bead designed to act as a mechanical lubricant.
DRILLING PAPERLost Circulation MaterialComposed of shredded cellulosic fiber materials and ground paper, used as a lost circulation material in water based drilling muds.
DURATECFluids Loss AdditiveA high performance elastomeric fluid loss control agent, which
aids in rheology control of the mud.
DURATEC ERFluids Loss Additive for EnerREACH SystemA high performance polymeric fluid loss control for oil and synthetic fluids that is capable of giving tight fluid loss control at a low dosage.
ENERBLACKLubricantA liquid gilsonite dispersion which has been formulated as a
Shale Stabilizer/lubricant and HTHP fitrate control.
ENERDEFOAMDefoamerAn engineered liquid defoaming solution that can be used in all freshwater and field brine fluids systems to reduce foaming.
ENER-GSLubricant/Loss Circulation MaterialA high performance resilient, angular, synthetic graphite for wellbore strengthening, lubrication and lost circulation.
ENERLOCLost Circulation MaterialA proprietary, engineered sized formulation designed to rapidly seal pores and fractures during lost circulation during drilling operations.
ENERLUBELubricantA specialty lubricant engineered to reduce torque and drag in water based drilling fluids systems.ENERLUBE drops torque 5000 ft-lbs
ENERLUBE lower torque saves well
ENERLUBE IIILubricantDesigned to provide metal to metal and metal to formation lubricity without affecting drilling fluid properties.ENERLUBE III lowers torque 35%
ENERMOD ERRheology Modifier for EnerREACH SystemA polymeric viscosifier for oil and synthetic based muds, capable of giving good control of rheological properties at a low dosage.
ENERMULPrimary Emulsifier for EnerREACH SystemAn emulsifier package that is a selected blend of alkonolamides and tall oil fatty acids in liquid form that reacts immediately in synthetic or diesel fluids to form a tight emulsion with minimum agitation.
ENERMUL IISecondary Emulsiifer for EnerREACH SystemA secondary emulsifier package based on cross linked polyamide technology which reacts immediately in synthetic or diesel fluids to form a tight emulsion with minimum agitation.
ENERPAC RPoly-Anionic CelluloseA high quality, premium grade polyanionic cellulose (PAC) used for inhibition, fluid loss control, improved filter cake and viscosity in water based muds.
ENERPLUSLiquid PHPAA high molecular weight anionic liquid polymer designed to provide
cuttings encapsulation and shale stabilization which is used as a viscosifier, flocculant and friction reducer along with providing some fluid loss control.
ENERVIS RMRheology ModifierA rheology modifier used to alter low shear viscosity of oil based
ENERZANViscosifierA high performance, high purity dispersible xanthan gum biopolymer used for rheology control in fresh water, seawater, brine and saturated salt environments.
ENERZAN LLiquid XanthamA premium grade Xanthan gum Biopolymer dispersed in light mineral oil for ease of use.
EOSEAL IILost Circulation MaterialA proprietary blend of cellulose and polymer designed to provide well bore stability by reducing fluid invasion into the microfractures.
ES CONTROLES-CONTROLâ„¢ is cross-linked and this provides greater tolerance to heat, shear and salts compared to un-cross-linked carboxymethyl starches and Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC)
FLRFluids Loss AdditiveA blended high performance fluid loss control agent for drilling muds.
FLR PLUSHigh Performance Fluids Loss AdditiveA high performance, high temperature, high pressure fluid loss &
shale control additive for drilling fluids.
GRAPHITE BEADSLubricantGraphite Drilling Beads Lubricant is a special form of highly rounded carbon bead with a structure that allows excellent flow properties, enchances mechanical lubrication in the fluid
system and gives strength.
GXMLubricant / Loss Circulation MaterialA proprietary medium sized blend of graphite designed to provide superior borehole lubrication, control of lost circulation
and fluid loss reduction.
GXM PLUSLubricant / Loss Circulation MaterialHigh performance crystalline graphite flake designed to enhance mechanical lubrication in the fluid system and gives strength to the wellbore.
KCL SUBSTITUTEA highly concentrated liquid potassium chloride substitute product used to inhibit shale swelling in drilling operations.
MAGMAFIBERLost Circulation MaterialAn acid soluble lost circulation material (LCM).
MICRO SEELA chemically altered bitumen.
MULTIFIBER FLost Circulation MaterialA proprietary blend of fine fibrous lost circulation and pore bridging materials designed to control lost circulation.
NORMULEmulsifierEmulsifier for EnerLITE direct emulsion system
PERMASEALLost Circulation MaterialA proprietary blend of graphitic and mineral fibrous materials designed to provide rapid sealing of lost circulation zones in water and oil base mud systems.
POLYPRO GShale Inhibitor and LubricityA blend of proprietary glycols used in water based muds to improve lubricity and shale inhibition.
PXL BLUEFluid Loss Additive / Shale InhibitorA low-molecular weight, essentially non-ionic polyacrylamide designed to stabilize reactive clay and shale formations.
SHALETEX IIFluid Loss Additive / Shale InhibitorA blended sulfonated asphalt drilling fluid conditioner, shale inhibitor and stabilizer.
SILVERSEALLoss Circulation MaterialA multi-component, proprietary sized blend of pore bridging and
sealing agents developed to minimize fluid loss in permeable formations.
TRU VISPremium Organophillic ClayA high-yield, high performing organophillic clay which provides optimum rheology and secondary fluid loss control in nonaromatic systems.
X OUTCo2 BufferA liquid amine compound which combats the effects caused by CO contamination.
XG-VISXanthan GumA dispersible xanthan gum biopolymer used for rheology modifications, hole cleaning and solids suspension in all
types of water based mud systems.