Life at AES Drilling Fluids

AES Drilling Fluids’ greatest resource is our employees. Our team values safety, integrity and quality above all else, without exception. We work hard, we work together, and we hold each other to the highest standards and expect nothing less in return. We bring safety, integrity and quality to work with us each day and strive to share it in the communities in which we operate.

As one of the fastest growing drilling fluids companies today, AES Drilling Fluids is known for its entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit, which drives our team to succeed. Whether in the field or in the office, our culture fosters a work environment fueled by excellence, outside-the-box thinking and a desire to be the best.

Recent graduates and seasoned executives alike are attracted to the wide array of opportunities for advancement and personal enrichment that AES Drilling Fluids offers. Our success stems from challenging the status quo, and opportunities abound for those unafraid to apply new ideas to old problems. Raising the bar toward greater safety, integrity, and quality within the industry is no easy task, but it is a challenge our team readily accepts to do its part to protect the communities in which we live and operate.

“I have been with AES since October, 2011 and the reason I have stayed with AES is they treat their employees with respect and promote hard working individuals. I enjoy coming to work every day and taking on the different challenges that the oil field throws at me. I came to AES because of the opportunity that AES offers and acknowledgement of each individual employee. My work has always been recognized from my immediate supervisor on up the chain for even the smallest of ideas or jobs well done.”


Warehouse Manager, Cheyenne, WY

“I have been with AES since Jan, 2012. I can say after working for other drilling fluids companies, AES is by far superior. The personnel are very knowledgeable and eager to assist in any way. I don’t feel like a number here, I actually feel like part of a team striving for excellence. Since I’ve been here we have steadily grown and I can see us one day soon being ‘the leader’ in the drilling fluids industry! I strongly believe in the people I work with at AES and what we as a whole are striving for. I would encourage any engineer that wants to be recognized for their talents and appreciated for their extra efforts to apply with AES.”


Drilling Fluids Engineer, Mid-Continent Division

“I’ve been fortunate to work for AES Drilling Fluids for nearly 4 years. I grew up no more than 3 miles from my now office and have built a career in the Health, Safety, and Environmental field. I’ve earned more responsibility each year I’ve been employed. This responsibility does not go unrewarded. During my time spent with this company, I’ve witnessed the praise and promotions of those who deserve it most. Hard work does not go unrecognized or unappreciated. Though we are owned by a larger company (CES), the ‘Mom and Pop’ mentality and culture still exists. This creates a challenging, yet fun and self-rewarding work day regardless of the task at hand. The ‘I’m just a number’ feeling does not exist within AES. We have warehouses, stock points, and blending facilities all across the US, so if you’re looking for a rewarding career with an Oil & Gas service company, AES Drilling Fluids is the place to be!”


Regional HS&E Coordinator, Northeast Division

“I have been with AES Drilling Fluids since October 2009.  My job description is multi-dimensional.  My position allows me the freedom to be creative in any endeavor that is requested of me.  I love working in both the competitive and flexible atmosphere that AES Drilling Fluids provides.  This company continues to recognize and reward their employees for all their hard work and effort. Customer satisfaction is a top priority with AES Drilling Fluids and that combined with a team effort attitude is why we are so successful.  In the last 5 years, our office has grown from a small 5 room office to a spacious office that now includes a drilling fluids lab.  This helps us to put our customers’ needs first by always being able to provide state of the art services when they request it.
AES Drilling Fluids is a large and stable company that is able to stay competitive in changing economic environments; but they still treat their employees like a small family run business.”


Administrative Assistant, Canonsburg, PA

“I have been an employee at AES Drilling Fluids since September 2010. I enjoy how AES Drilling Fluids allows me to ‘think outside of the box’ in my day to day work environment. My main motivation for joining AES Drilling Fluids centered on not only the incredible growth potential for both myself and the company, but also the opportunity to be part of a solid team that has endless support. I feel AES Drilling Fluids culture is based on the concept that satisfied employees create satisfied customers. They have always taken care of my needs for professional growth and the work environment is always positive. Through loyalty, hard work and dedication my career has taken leaps and bounds from when I first started and it gives me great pride to say that I work for such a caring and supportive company.”


Technical Drilling Fluids Engineer, Canonsburg, PA

“I’ve worked for AES Drilling Fluids since September 2012. I started as a temp-hand. What first started as a job, I am now pursuing a career and climbing the ladder. Sometimes the work load becomes stressful but there is always a lot of support from my colleagues. This company comes together as a team, treats me like family, and doesn’t consider me to be just another number.
AES is constantly evolving to improve itself and the employee’s in it. If you are willing to work hard, educate yourself and go the extra mile, you’re options here are almost limitless.” 


Assistant Warehouse Manager , Belfield, ND

“Since starting with AES in March of 2013, I have had an excellent professional career. I started as an Administrative Assistant, and now I am a Warehouse Manager. From my first day at AES, I realized the company was committed to providing the highest level of service to their customers. For hard working and dedicated employees, AES offers a great home for growth and development!”


Warehouse Manager, Bowie, TX

“I have been working for AES Drilling Fluids since April of 2012. I started my time with AES going through their drilling fluids school. Since then, I have gained quite a bit of insight regarding the job. From the beginning of my employment to current, I have many positive thoughts regarding this company. The company has been very helpful in my transition to becoming a drilling fluids engineer and they have assisted me in whatever way possible to achieve a common goal on all sides. There is always someone available when any issues may occur, which I have found to be very convenient and helpful.


Drilling Fluids Engineer, Northeast Division

“I have been employed by AES Drilling Fluids, since December 2006. The industry is so diverse and unique, there’s a new challenge every day. I have been given the opportunity to travel to several of our locations to train new employees or just help out. I work at a plant where we blend the liquid material that’s shipped to our warehouses and directly to the wells.  When we’re notified what materials are needed and when, we all work together to meet the challenge and make it happen.  That’s just the way it is at AES. Every person in the company is important and appreciated. Our ‘open door’ policy is not just polite words.  I can call or email the president of the company or any other upper management and be assured they’re interested in what I have to say.  To anyone thinking about accepting a position at AES Drilling Fluids, I would say, go for it…you’ll be glad you did!


Administrative Assistant, Grandview, TX