Do More with Data

Data analytics continues to inspire conversations about how captured information can revolutionize how we work. While numerous data analytics platforms have been introduced to the oilfield, they predominantly target drilling efficiencies at high levels.

Leveraging the detailed data we capture throughout the drilling process, AES Drilling Fluids has developed a tool centered around both performance data and operational information our field specialists record throughout the day.

Drilling fluid specialists know that while running a mud check is essential to maintaining drilling fluid properties, their role consists of so much more at the rigsite. 

AES ANALYTICS is here to maximize the value of this information and turn it into even better performance.

Custom Visualization Dashboards
Comprehensive Investigation Tools
Benchmark and Compare Offset Performance
Access Anywhere

Custom visualization dashboards

Comprehensive investigation tools

Benchmark and compare offset performance

Access anywhere

AES ANALYTICS Case Histories, Technical Papers and Publications

Cost and Performance Metrics at Your Fingertips

AES ANALYTICS allows operators to compare wells and identify outlying cost and performance data quickly and easily. Points of interest can be investigated in more detail by clicking on a data set of interest for a well, pad, rig, or region for quick comparison. This can help to determine the best options for mud weight selection, drilling fluid properties, treatment solutions, and much more.