Filtration Control – Invert Emulsions

Filtration control additives contribute to thin, lubricious filter cakes and tighter invert emulsions

Filtration Control Additives for Invert Emulsions

From basic filtration control using FLR to synthetic and high temperature additives such as DURATEC ER, we have a full line of filtration control additives to minimize fluid loss to lower risk of stuck pipe and enhance borehole quality. 

HPHT Fluid Loss Reduction

Elevated fluid loss is associated with borehole quality issues, stuck pipe, and other problems. Invert emulsions tend to feature lower fluid loss as the water droplets of the internal phase and organophilic clay viscosifier provides a thin, tight filter cake.

In critical wells, HPHT filtration may need to be even lower. Supplemental additives are designed for compatibility with base oils, temperature stability, and performance.

Types of Additives

Common filtration control additives include forms of uintaite and amine-treated lignite. In synthetic-based drilling fluids, polymeric additives are used to eliminate the addition of hydrocarbon materials. High temperatures may require special additives.

AES Drilling Fluids offers a variety of products to address filtration control. Frequently, filtration control is managed not only by one additive, but it is a combination of particles and fluid properties as they relate to our experience  in a given drilling environment.

Invert Emulsion Filtration Control Additives from AES Drilling Fluids

Filtration control additives vary by performance requirements to minimize cost for an application. Contact your AES Drilling Fluids Account Manager to review product details for your application.

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
DURATECElastomeric fluid loss control agentDURATEC Product Bulletin
DURATEC ERHigh performance polymeric fluid loss control agentDURATEC ER Product Bulletin
ENERBLACKLiquid gilsonite filtration control agentENERBLACK Product Bulletin
FLRBlended gilsonite fluid loss control agentFLR Product Bulletin
FLR PLUSHigh performance gilsonite fluid loss control agentFLR PLUS Product Bulletin

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