Water-Based Muds

From Spud Muds to Reservoir Drill-In Fluids and Everything in Between

Water-based muds offer a wide variety of options, from low-cost and basic to highly inhibitive, performance-driven systems. AES Drilling Fluids offers the flexibility to design the most cost-effective system for the formation. AES Drilling Fluids offers a full suite of performance additives, including lubricants and shale inhibitors, to address technical challenges.

Through our extensive experience and technical expertise, AES Drilling Fluids designs fluids based upon needs. Whether it is reactive gumbo shales on the Gulf Coast or an extended reach lateral in the Permian Basin, AES Drilling Fluids has the capabilities to determine the best formulation for the application.

AQUA-FLEX Optimized Water-Based Drilling Fluid

AQUA-FLEX is an Optimized Water-Based Drilling Fluid (OWBDF) which utilizes a unique suite of additives to address the primary drilling challenges found throughout the Permian Basin and other Unconventional areas.

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EnerCLEAR Brine Drilling Fluid

EnerCLEAR maximizes rate of penetration and extends bit life while inhibiting corrosion associated with brine systems.

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EnerLITE Direct Emulsion

EnerLITE provides precise density control through its non-continous oil phase. Saturated salt EnerLITE systems are eliminating an extra casing string in the Delaware Basin, saving operators hundreds of thousands of dollars per well in equipment and rig time.

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EnerSEAL MMH Technology

EnerSEAL brings the unique rheology of MMH systems to a new level through its tolerance of contaminants that de-stabilized traditional systems. Its rheological profile provides superior suspension and loss mitigation.

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Water-Based Mud Technical Concepts

Our expertise insures our drilling fluid systems are maintained at maximize performance at with cost. Our TechTips series seeks to educate customers with some of this knowledge related to key drilling fluid concepts.