ECD Reduction with Excellent Suspension and Flow Tolerance

EnerREACH is a polymeric invert emulsion system designed to drill the most challenging wells by reducing equivalent circulating density, surge, and swab pressures. EnerREACH utilizes ENERMOD ER, a polymeric viscosifier, to supplement low-end rheology for superior suspension characteristics without increased gelation and plastic viscosity typical of conventional invert emulsion systems.

EnerREACH features a suite of high performance products that provide simple maintenance at low concentrations, easing system maintenance and minimizing chemical treatment requirements. The emulsifier and wetting agent package for the EnerREACH system is optimized to leverage the benefits of a polymeric system while exhibiting significant tolerance to water influx.

Reduced ECD and pump pressures

Maximize rate of penetration

Highly inhibitive

Minimizes torque

A System for Complex Well Challenges

EnerREACH is ideal for challenging wells where there is a narrow margin between the fracture gradient and required drilling fluid density, such as extended reach wells. In these applications, reduced pressures minimize the risk of losses to the formation and enable high pump rates. Because rheology is maintained without additional clay, it is possible to enhance hole cleaning through turbulent flow at a lower overall pump pressure.

Most applications using EnerREACH require densities ranging from 8.4 to 12.5 lbm/gal, but formulations are available above 16.0 lbm/gal if necessary. EnerREACH is stable beyond 250°F, although lab optimization is recommended for elevated temperatures.

In areas where water influxes are common, EnerREACH offers added benefits through its stability. Where many conventional systems “flip” during a water flow, the emulsifier package designed for EnerREACH is proven to remain an invert emulsion with high water content, allowing time to address the influx and treat the system to desired drilling properties.

EnerREACH is most effective when utilized as part of an optimized drilling program accounting for specific well conditions. Lab testing and hydraulic simulations will aid to determine best properties for drilling, circulating, tripping, and running casing. 

In loss-prone areas, customers note reduced losses to the formation. When breaking circulation, pressures typically do not exceed 50 – 150 psi above normal circulating pressure. During a water influx in West Texas, the oil:water ratio dropped as low as 50:50 without system failure, enabling sufficient time to control the flow and condition the EnerREACH system back to programmed properties. In similar cases, competing systems required complete replacement due to their inability to remain stable.

EnerREACH Case Histories

EnerREACH Brochure and Related Products

The table below features common products used in the EnerREACH system. Not all additives are required and others may not be listed. Contact your AES Drilling Fluids Account Manager to review product details for your application.

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
EnerREACH Polymeric Invert Emulsion SystemDiesel- or other oil-based polymeric invert emulsion systemEnerREACH Brochure
ENERMULPrimary emulsifier for the EnerREACH systemENERMUL Product Bulletin
ENERMUL IISecondary emulsifier for the EnerREACH systemENERMUL II Product Bulletin
ENERWETWetting agent for the EnerREACH systemENERWET Product Bulletin
DURATEC ERHigh performance polymeric fluid loss control additiveDURATEC ER Product Bulletin
ENERMOD ERPolymeric viscosifierENERMOD ER Product Bulletin
ENERVIS RMLiquid rheology modifier for low shear rate viscosityENERVIS RM Product Bulletin
ENERSPERSEConcentrated thinner/dispersant for the EnerREACH systemENERSPERSE Product Bulletin