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“Water was the first drilling fluid, and its usage is documented back to the ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures and simple rotary tool drilling.”

So, where are we today? What is going on behind the scenes at AES to push technological boundaries in our industry? Who can tell these stories? WE CAN. This blog captures the stories of our employees, the heartbeat of our organization.
Welcome to the Mud Bloggers.
Adelaide Nortier
Strategic Marketing

Perception vs. Perspective

Short introduction about myself before I get into things. My name’s Nick Reiter and I’m a field supervisor in the ...

Perception vs. Perspective

Short introduction about myself before I get into things. My name’s Nick Reiter and I’m a field supervisor in the ...

Efficiency and Learning in Corporate Marketing

As a Marketing Intern at AES Drilling Fluids, my experience has been nothing short ofeducational.One of the highlights of my ...

Tech Tips ‘Trial’ Turned Industry Resource

Some ten years ago, as I sat in my first day of mud school with a drilling fluid manual 3- ...

Lab Moves: Controlled Chaos

Early in 2021, after only being with AES a few months, the news trickled down that we were moving to ...

Ladies Leading The Way

As we celebrate International Women's Day, it is essential to acknowledge the significant contributions that women have made to the ...

Be A Part Of The Growth.

I remember the exact moment I received the call from AES to screen me for the HR intern position; it ...

I Will Never Forget The Day It Happened

I will never forget the day it happened; I do not remember the date, but what I heard that day ...

The AES Experience

Taking a risk is hard, but doing it is worthwhile. Like most students around their sophomore year of college, I ...

The Science Of It All

Growing up, I knew nothing about the oil and gas industry. I didn't know a single person in the industry; ...

IT: Connecting Us To The Future

It all started at 8 years old when my father bought me an Apple 2E computer, and I knew I ...

Fate or Destiny – A Career in Oil & Gas

My introduction to oil & gas came at a very early age, as my dad has worked on rigs since ...

You Can’t Deny The Chemistry…

Becoming a part of AES’ Support Services Lab has been an extremely challenging and rewarding experience for me. I joined ...

Building a Future, Not Just Mud

I started working with AES in late 2015 at the Benwood, WV warehouse as a Mud Plant Operator. I worked ...

AES Meets Oman

AES has recently begun working in Oman, servicing one of our top clients from the USA. One of the first ...

That First Phone Call

It was July of 2014. There I was trying to make it in a big new city. I had moved ...

The Power of Empowering

I've always thought the most significant differentiating factor for AES as a company is our people. One of the lesser-known ...

Adrenaline Junkie: Purchasing Under Pressure

I joined AES in 2007 and I have been fortunate enough to work in multiple departments throughout my time here ...

Growing up with Kermit (not the frog).

I came to AES over three years ago as an Assistant Manager for the Kermit yard and was lucky enough ...

Ah, Those Early Days as a Mud Engineer…

So you want to be a mud engineer? The answer should be an obvious Yes! One way to gain experience ...

Warehouse Operations is… a major operation.

I onboarded with AES back in 2008 after working as a ‘hand’ on an H&P rig for two years. I ...

Drilling Fluids: Habits & History

A standard railroad in the United States is 4 feet, 8.5 inches wide. Why is that? Well, if you dig ...

Our Bloggers

Nick Reiter
Northeast Engineering Field Supervisor
Madison Vilven
Marketing Intern 2023
Nate Castaneda
US Operations Manager
Douglas Kultti
Kermit Warehouse Manager
Randall Adamson
Business Development & Technical Specialist
Matthew Offenbacher
Director of Technology & Marketing
Gina Rodriguez
Assistant Purchasing Manager
Dalton Smith
Benwood Warehouse Manager
Cole Greenberg
Marketing Intern 2022
Dean Madrid
Account Manager - Rockies Division
Justin Gauthier
US Business Strategist & Oil and Gas Podcast Host
Jacob Hegwood
El Campo Warehouse Manager
Chauncey Hollie
Northeast Division Manager
Gary Lankford
VP Business Development Permian Basin
Ricky Toomes
Business Development Specialist
Camille Garcia
Purchasing Assistant
Greg Terpenning
Support Services Engineer.
Chelsea Berotte
Senior HR Generalist

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