Want to ELIMINATE a Casing String?

Introducing EnerSEAL – MMH Technology, a system that is unique in that it acts as a liquid under shear and as a solid while static.

Better Fluids Equal Better Wells

Drilling fluids companies often offer “generic” solutions; AES prides itself in offering unique processes to optimize fluid design for specific applications.

Enhancing the Efficiency of the Wells you Drill

AES provides innovative products and services to drill complex subsurface conditions including horizontal, directional, geologically deep and offshore drilling.


AES Drilling Fluids, LLC (AES) services the United States market, providing drilling fluids systems and products throughout major unconventional shale plays and the Gulf Coast. Our success is a result of quality products, innovative solutions, and unmatched customer service. From the well site to the customer office, AES Drilling fluids is prepared to successfully deliver on any challenging project.

Customer service is central to our success. AES strives to build and maintain relationships with our customers to stay ahead of
their needs, as drilling programs grow. From single well projects to extensive drilling campaigns, the people at AES have the experience to provide products and recommendations that minimize costs.

As part of the CES Energy Solutions family, AES Drilling Fluids designs and manufactures products specifically for customer
needs, while ensuring product quality and reliability. From raw materials to finished product, AES has the expertise and resources to serve our customers.

AES continues to grow with the success of our customers, expanding, upgrading, and adding to our infrastructure to ensure timely delivery of critical products in the areas our customers


Our Vision

To be the premier fluid provider and manufacturer, most admired for our people, performance, and trust

Our Mission

To deliver competitive and honest service for our customers by providing leading drilling and production fluid technologies to support our customers’ goals of exploring for oil and gas resources vital to the world’s health and welfare

Our Values

PEOPLE AND PASSION by respecting diversity in thought, practice and culture

INTEGRITY AND TRUST by acting with the highest level of ethical standards while honoring our promises and obligations to work, family, faith and community

LEADERSHIP by placing the success of our customers before ours while being proactive in all our actions

COMMUNICATION by continuously working towards understanding the needs and desires of our customers

COMMERCIAL FOCUS by recognizing and executing our strategy while safeguarding the long-term interests of our customers




AES Drilling Fluids has developed a suite of fluids systems and products for our customers, from conventional offerings to fit-for-purpose solutions engineered to unique challenges. In combination with our expertise and experience, customers save millions in time and money.

In the Northeast shale plays, our AES VERT invert emulsion system continues to deliver record wells featuring horizontal intervals beyond 20,000 feet. In the Permian Basin, our EnerLITE system has eliminated the need for a second intermediate casing string, resulting in over $800,000 in savings per well. Each product and fluid system in our toolbox is designed for customer applications to enhance basic efficiencies or deliver increasingly complex wells.

Beyond the systems highlighted below, AES provides custom formulations designed for workovers, coiled tubing drilling, and drill-in applications. Our flexibility and knowledge enables us to generate solutions quickly and efficiently through standard solutions or new chemistry for a unique challenge.

AES Drilling Fluids offers a wide range of specialty products, including lost circulation material and lubricants for reliable drilling in challenging conditions. We continually develop new products, including custom products for specific customer needs and well-specific situations

Water-Based Drilling Fluid Systems

EnerCLEAR Brine Drilling Fluid

EnerLITE Direct Emulsion System

EnerSEAL MMH Drilling Fluid

EnerSEAL HDD MMH Drilling Fluid for Trenchless Applications

Invert Emulsion Drilling Fluid Systems

ABS 40 Blended Synthetic System

AES VERT Invert System

EnerREACH Polymeric Invert System

PURESTAR Chloride-Free System

Specialty Products

Specialty products include a variety of products to enhance fluid system performance, such as inhibitors, lubricant additives, and lost circulation materials.