Health, safety and the environment

Standards without Compromise

AES remains committed to the health and safety of everyone, everywhere we work. We set high standards for our people to not only participate, but lead in working safely. Our dedicated health and safety staff regularly audit our work locations to insure that everyone we work with is properly trained and equipped to return home safely to their family and friends. We actively work with our customers to enhance safety programs and design solutions to minimize risk.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond minimizing exposure of our products to our personnel. AES is also conscious of the air, water, and soil surrounding our wellsite operation. Proper storage and protection of our products, as well as awareness of potential risk factors, prevent exposure to the elements.

Equipping our People

Working safely requires a clear understanding of the task at hand. We utilize hands-on and online training to educate our people on risks and hazards associated with their role and the equipment and procedures required to do the job correctly and safely.

Our tracking system verifies compliance that meets and exceeds regulatory, state and industry requirements. It also provides a useful way to rapidly deploy new information and confirm practices are updated immediately.

Minimal Packaging

AES Drilling Fluids uses intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) almost exclusively to reduce waste packaging for our liquid additives. IBCs hold more volume with less residual material in the container. Unlike metal drums, IBCs are not subject to rust, which can risk leaking into the environment.

Contractor Engagement

We expect those that we work with to actively participate in our safety programs. Regular contractor meetings and reviews verify compliance and improve communication to insure the entire team understands expectations.

Options Minimize Impact

AES Drilling Fluids traces its origins to performing in sensitive areas. Our ABS 40 system established itself in the Northeastern United States as the system of choice that blends cost, performance, and environmental sensitivity. We offer a full portfolio of options from water-based to synthetic-based systems and additives to minimize environmental impact.

Our PURESTAR system takes things a step further by eliminating calcium chloride in the internal phase. Compared to water-based mud, PURESTAR reduces drilling time to minimize time on a location. This is ideal for areas where local populations may be averse to nearby drilling activity.