Flexible Invert Emulsion Maximizes Drilling Efficiency

AES VERT is a robust, flexible invert emulsion drilling fluid system that provides all of the benefits of invert emulsion with maximum operational efficiency. AES VERT performs across a wide range of densities and temperatures, including long horizontal wells approaching 30,000’ measured depth.

AES VERT formulations are modified for performance on specific well applications to minimize cost and maximize the benefits inherent to an invert emulsion system. A key factor in AES VERT performance is its engineered emulsifier and wetting agent packages that provide fluid stability and compatibility with minimal maintenance.

Maximize rate of penetration

Highly inhibitive

Minimizes torque

Flexible system design

Deliver Consistent Performance Across Numerous Applications

AES VERT is ideal for a variety of wells where an invert emulsion system is desired. Compared to water-based systems, AES VERT offers superior inhibition and lubricity to simplify challenging extended reach wells. AES VERT is available at densities ranging below 7.8 lbm/gal to over 20 lbm/gal, although higher densities are possible when needed.

AES VERT provides enhanced lubricity for extended reach wells and complex well trajectories. Its inhibitive properties aid to stabilize shale and maximize rate of penetration. AES VERT resists contamination from formation solids and remains stable at temperatures exceeding 325°F. AES VERT utilizes diesel or similar base fluids for the oil phase. An optimized solids control program will aid to minimize dilution requirements and lower overall treatment costs.

AES VERT Case Histories, Technical Papers and Publications

AES VERT Brochure and Related Products

The table below features common products used in the AES VERT system. Not all additives are required and others may not be listed. Contact your AES Drilling Fluids Account Manager to review product details for your application.

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
AES VERT Invert Emulsion SystemDiesel- or other oil-based invert emulsion systemAES VERT Brochure
AES MUL XPrimary emulsifier for AES VERT systemAES MUL X Product Bulletin
AES WA XWetting agent for AES VERT systemAES WA X Product Bulletin
AES VIS LSLow shear rheology modifying organoclayAES VIS LS Product Bulletin
AES VISOrganophilic clay viscosifierAES VIS Product Bulletin
AES VIS IIIOrganophilic clay viscosifierAES VIS III Product Bulletin
FLRFiltration control additiveFLR Product Bulletin
FLR PLUSHigh performance filtration control additiveFLR PLUS Product Bulletin
AES SPERSEThinner/DispersantAES SPERSE Product Bulletin