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Brochures and Related Products

The table below features our array of products and additives. Not all additives are required and others may not be listed. Contact your AES Drilling Fluids Account Manager to review product details for your application.

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
AES VERT Invert Emulsion SystemDiesel- or other oil-based invert emulsion systemAES VERT Brochure
AES MUL XPrimary emulsifier for AES VERT systemAES MUL X Product Bulletin
AES WA XWetting agent for AES VERT systemAES WA X Product Bulletin
AES VIS LSLow shear rheology modifying organoclayAES VIS LS Product Bulletin
AES VISOrganophilic clay viscosifierAES VIS Product Bulletin
AES VIS IIIOrganophilic clay viscosifierAES VIS III Product Bulletin
FLRFiltration control additiveFLR Product Bulletin
FLR PLUSHigh performance filtration control additiveFLR PLUS Product Bulletin
AES SPERSEThinner/DispersantAES SPERSE Product Bulletin