Robust Mixed Metal Hydroxide

EnerSEAL is an advanced mixed metal hydroxide water-based drilling fluid with superior stability and performance over previous systems. Using proprietary chemistry, EnerSEAL delivers challenging wells where MMH technology performs but old systems could not deliver.

MMH systems work when MMH crystals attach to bentonite platelets via ionic exchange with naturally occurring cations (below left). This forms a strong association on the face of the clay platelets. This MMH complex entangles a network of clay platelets (below right). The electrostatic network maintaining the network readily breaks with shear. This results in the unique rheological properties of EnerSEAL.

Superior suspension characteristics

Minimizes and cures losses

Robust to contaminants

Low pump pressures

Tackle Challenging Loss-Prone Formations

EnerSEAL’s rheological profile helps address even the toughest lost circulation scenarios. Because EnerSEAL thickens in low shear conditions, it resists further invasion into the formation as is leaves the wellbore. This aids to minimize losses, particularly when used with supplemental lost circulation materials.

In some locations, EnerSEAL is used for surface intervals where losses to permeable gravel formations, such as in riverbeds, resulted in total well abandonment. When EnerSEAL was introduced, the customer had full cement returns to surface for the first time drilling in the area. 

Exceptional Suspension

EnerSEAL is ideal whenever hole cleaning is critical, particularly when pump rates are limited. When a challenging well must be drilled with low pressure pumps, EnerSEAL can aid to make up the shortcomings in flow rate for hole cleaning. In large diameter holes, EnerSEAL supports large cuttings volumes where the annular velocities can be particularly diminished.

EnerSEAL works as an excellent milling fluid, suspending more metal swarf than conventional systems which struggle to carry heavy steel materials out of the wellbore. This can help to assure effective sidetracking or abandonment on the first attempt.

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The resulting network provides a unique flow profile, providing suspension while pumps are off and low pump pressures while circulating. In the presence of some contaminants, a disruption to the network results in catastrophic breakdown of the fluid. EnerSEAL features a proprietary inhibitor that provides greater resistance to contaminants to insure fluid stability.

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