Oil-Based Muds

Oil-Based Muds Maximize Performance

Oil-based muds provide numerous benefits to enhance drilling efficiency with minimal maintenance. They are inherently lubricious and inhibitive, maximizing drilling rates with superior tolerance to contaminants. Oil-based mud systems are adjusted for superior performance and cost efficiency through system options and additive selection.

Oil-based mud systems feature select components for desired properties. A typical oil-based mud consists of the base oil, brine, lime, an emulsifier, a wetting agent, a viscosifier, and a filtration control additive. Supplemental additives may be used to address specific drilling challenges, and AES Drilling Fluids offers a full suite of additive options to customize a system to the demands of the well.

AES VERT Invert Emulsion

AES VERT is our standard oil-based drilling fluid system utilized on thousands of wells every year. Traditionally AES VERT uses diesel as the base fluid, although it performs in numerous distillates where desired.

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EnerREACH Polymeric Invert Emulsion

EnerREACH features a polymeric viscosifier to lower equivalent circulating density in narrow fracture gradient wells and better tolerate subsurface water flows.

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Oil-Based Mud Technical Concepts

Our expertise insures our drilling fluid systems are maintained at maximize performance at with cost. Our TechTips series seeks to educate customers with some of this knowledge related to key drilling fluid concepts.