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ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
ABS MULEmulsifierABS MUL Product Bulletin
ABS MUL HTHigh Temperature EmulsifierABS MUL HT Product Bulletin
AES CLAY SHIELDLow molecular weight polyamine shale inhibitorAES CLAY SHIELD Product Bulletin
AES FLOC 4003Flocculating polymerAES FLOC 4003 Product Bulletin
AES MUL IISecondary EmulsifierAES MUL II Product Bulletin
AES MUL XEmulsifierAES MUL X Product Bulletin
AES SPERSEDispersant/ThinnerAES SPERSE Product Bulletin
AES VISOrganophilic clay to elevate yield pointAES VIS Product Bulletin
AES VIS IIIHigh yield organophilic clay to elevate yield pointAES VIS III Product Bulletin
AES VIS LSOrganophilic clay blend for low shear rate viscosityAES VIS LS Product Bulletin
AES WA IIWetting Agent AES WA II Product Bulletin
AES WA XWetting AgentAES WA X Product Bulletin
B2512MicrobiocideB2512 Product Bulletin
BLUE MAXAnti-Bit Balling/Cleaning SurfactantBLUE MAX Product Bulletin
BRINEXBrine and water-based lubricantBRINEX Product Bulletin
BRINEX IIBrine and water based lubricantBRINEX II Product Bulletin
C-2145Scale Inhibitor/Corrosion InhibitorC-2145 Product Bulletin
CAL CARB MIXBlend of acid soluble bridging/sealing materialCAL CARB MIX Product Bulletin
CAT 752 OSOxygen ScavengerCAT 752 OS Product Bulletin
CAT 94 HSH2S ScavengerCAT 94 HS Product Bulletin
CEASE & DESISTBlend of granular and fibrous materials designed to seal a wide range of pore and fracture widthsCEASE & DESIST Product Bulletin
Cedar FiberShredded cedar materialCEDAR FIBER Product Bulletin
CHEMSEALCellulose blend with fine and medium flake materialCHEMSEAL Product Bulletin
CHEMSTOP OChemically treated bridging and sealing materialsCHEMSTOP O Product Bulletin
DEFLOC 2000Thinner/deflocculant filtration control additiveDEFLOC 2000 Product Bulletin
DEFOAM AAlcohol-based defoamerDEFOAM A Product Bulletin
DEFOAMEX SBSilicone-based defoamerDEFOAMEX SB Product Bulletin
DEFOAMEX SB IISilicone-based defoamerDEFOAMEX SB II Product Bulletin
DRILL BEADSLubricating co-polymer beads Drill Beads Product Bulletin
Drilling PaperShredded paper materialDRILLING PAPER Product Bulletin
DURATECElastomeric fluid loss control agentDURATEC Product Bulletin
DURATEC ERHigh performance polymeric fluid loss control agentDURATEC ER Product Bulletin
ECM 1Fine and medium sized natural materials, fibers, and celluloseECM 1 Product Bulletin
ECM 2Medium and coarse sized natural materials, fibers, and celluloseECM 2 Product Bulletin
ENERBLACKLiquid gilsonite filtration control agentENERBLACK Product Bulletin
ENERDEFOAMPolymeric defoamerENERDEFOAM Product Bulletin
ENER-GSA high performance resilient, angular, synthetic graphite for wellbore strengthening, lubrication and lost circulationENER-GS Product Bulletin
ENERLOCA proprietary, sized formulation designed to rapidly seal pores and fractures ENERLOC Product Bulletin
ENERLUBELubricant for water-based drilling fluidsENERLUBE Product Bulletin
ENERLUBE IIILubricant for brine systemsENERLUBE III Product Bulletin
ENERLUBE LITELubricant for the EnerLITE Direct Emulsion SystemENERLUBE LITE Product Bulletin
ENERMOD ERPolymeric viscosifier to elevate low shear rate viscosityENERMOD ER Product Bulletin
ENERMULPrimary EmulsifierENERMUL Product Bulletin
ENERMUL IISecondary EmulsifierENERMUL II Product Bulletin
ENERPAC LVPolyanionic cellulose - low viscosity filtration control additiveENERPAC LV Product Bulletin
ENERPAC RPolyanionic cellulose - regular viscosity filtration control additiveENERPAC R Product Bulletin
ENERPLUSEncapsulating liquid PHPAENERPLUS Product Bulletin
ENERSPERSEDispersant/Thinner ENERSPERSE Product Bulletin
ENERVIS RMLiquid rheology modifierENERVIS RM Product Bulletin
ENERWETWetting Agent ENERWET Product Bulletin
ENERZANHigh purity dispersible xanthan gum biopolymer used for rheology control in fresh water, seawater, brine and saturated salt environmentsENERZAN Product Bulletin
ENERZAN LA premium grade xanthan gum
dispersed in light mineral oil for ease of use
ENERZAN L Product Bulletin
EOSEAL IIProprietary blend of cellulose and polymer designed to provide wellbore stability by reducing fluid invasion into the microfracturesEOSEAL II Product Bulletin
ES-CONTROLModified starch fluid loss additiveES-CONTROL Product Bulletin
ES-VISPremium bentonite for the EnerSEAL systemES-VIS Product Bulletin
FLOMULWater flow emulsifierFLOMUL Product Bulletin
FLRBlended gilsonite fluid loss control agentFLR Product Bulletin
FLR PLUSHigh performance gilsonite fluid loss control agentFLR PLUS Product Bulletin
GLYDEXInvert emulsion lubricantGLYDEX Product Bulletin
GXMMedium-sized graphite blend for lubricity, filtration control, and to treat lost circulationGXM Product Bulletin
GXM PLUSHigh performance crystalline graphite flake designed to enhance lubricity and filtration controlGXM PLUS Product Bulletin
KCL SUBSTITUTEClay hydration inhibitorKCL SUBSTITUTE Product Bulletin
LigniteThinner/deflocculant filtration control additiveN/A
LignosulfonateThinner/deflocculant filtration control additiveN/A
MACRO STRENGTHHigh fluid loss squeezeMACRO STRENGTH Product Bulletin
MICRO SEELChemically altered bitumenMICRO SEEL Product Bulletin
MICRO STRENGTHA proprietary blend of materials designed prevent losses from drilling induced fracturesMICRO STRENGTH Product Bulletin
MULTIFIBER FA proprietary blend of fine fibrous lost circulation and pore bridging materialsMULTIFIBER F Product Bulletin
MULTIFIBER MA proprietary blend of medium fibrous lost circulation and pore bridging materialsMULTIFIBER M Product Bulletin
NORMULEmulsifier for direct emulsion systemNORMUL Product Bulletin
PERMASEALA proprietary blend of graphitic and mineral fiber materials designed to provide rapid sealingPERMASEAL Product Bulletin
POLYPRO GGlycol blendPOLYPRO G Product Bulletin
PUREWETWetting Agent N/A
PXL BLUELow molecular weight polyacrylamidePXL BLUE Product Bulletin
SILVERSEALA multi-component, proprietary sized blend of pore bridging and
sealing agents developed to minimize fluid loss in permeable formations
SILVERSEAL Product Bulletin
STARMULSecondary EmulsifierN/A
SURE SWEEPWBM Viscosifier SURE SWEEP Product Bulletin
SWP MULEmulsifierSWP MUL Product Bulletin
SWP WETWetting AgentSWP WET Product Bulletin
TRU VISOrganophilic clay designed for maximum yield in non-aromatic systemsTRU VIS Product Bulletin
WALLPLEXWall cake additiveWALLPLEX Product Bulletin
WCI 1013Corrosion inhibitor (Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide)WCI 1013 Product Bulletin
WGS 25WC / WGS 546WCH2S ScavengerWGS 25WC / WGS 546WC Product Bulletin
WILDCAT 360CSICombined oxygen scavenger, scale Inhibitor, and corrosion inhibitorWILDCAT 360CSI
XG-VISA dispersible xanthan gum biopolymer used for rheology modifications, hole cleaning and solids suspension in all
types of water based mud systems
XG-VIS Product Bulletin
X-OUTCarbon Dioxide ScavengerX-OUT Product Bulletin

Water-Based Mud Additives

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Filtration Control
Shale Inhibitors
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