Durable Direct Emulsion Technology

EnerLITE provides direct emulsion stability through the use of its stabilizing surfactant NORMUL. NORMUL effectively maintains the dispersion of the oil phase in the water or brine phase under a variety of contaminants. EnerLITE performs with diesel as well as a variety of other oils, including mineral oils and synthetics. While most applications utilize saturated sodium chloride brine, EnerLITE can be used in freshwater and under-saturated brines.

With proper maintenance, EnerLITE remains stable throughout a variety of drilling challenges, including water flows, CO2 influx, cement contamination, and lost circulation.

Eliminate A Casing String

In the Delaware Basin, EnerLITE allows the operator to merge shallow salt layers with the weaker Cherry and Brushy Canyon formations. Traditionally, saturated 10 lbm/gal brine was required to prevent washout of the intermediate section. Because the lower formations lacked the strength to support 10.0 lbm/gal drilling fluids, this interval was cased and cemented before drilling a second intermediate. With the dispersed oil phase in EnerLITE, it is now possible to prevent washout of the salt section while maintaining mud weights below the fracture gradient of the Cherry/Brushy Canyon formation below, allowing both intervals to be drilled in a single run. Compared to previous methods, many customers now see cement returns to surface. Several customers no longer run a differential valve (DV) tool for a second cement stage.

Minimize Oil Dilution with EnerLITE RECOVER

EnerLITE direct emulsion technology has proven its value; however, operators can reduce savings even further using the EnerLITE RECOVER service to enhance solids recovery. In some cases, density management requires increase oil:water ratios significantly as low gravity solids accumulate and increase the overall mud weight. By enhancing solids recovery, oil consumption drops dramatically. In some cases, no oil dilution is required while EnerLITE RECOVER is operating. In some cases, it’s possible to recover some of the oil for reuse in more EnerLITE or an invert emulsion system, such as AES VERT or EnerREACH.

Precise density control

Highly inhibitive

Minimizes torque

Flexible system design

EnerLITE and EnerLITE RECOVER Case Histories

Manage Water Influx

Water flows are a chronic problem in a number of areas. These large influxes present a number of drilling challenges as operators attempt to balance sufficient pressures to suppress water flows with weak formations. When drilling with invert emulsions (oil- and synthetic-based drilling fluids), water flows can overwhelm the systems, resulting in a thick, unusable mess. When this occurs, significant rig time is lost removing and disposing of expensive invert emulsion drilling fluid. As a water-continuous system, EnerLITE remains stable with water influxes and its precise density control allows for quick adjustments to control flows.

Drill Ahead into the Lateral

In some areas where EnerLITE is used, operators continue with EnerLITE into the lateral section. To minimize torque and drag, AES Drilling Fluids developed a special lubricant, ENERLUBE LITE. While most lubricants de-stabilize emulsions, ENERLUBE LITE provides superior lubricity while maintaining the direct emulsion critical for a stable fluid. In the picture to the left, note the difference between untreated EnerLITE (left), EnerLITE with a conventional lubricant (middle), and EnerLITE treated with ENERLUBE LITE (right). Operators regularly build angle in the intermediate section with EnerLITE and even continue into the lateral when desired.

EnerLITE Brochure and Related Products

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
EnerLITE Direct Emulsion SystemDirect emulsion drilling fluid systemEnerLITE Brochure
EnerLITE RECOVER Direct Emulsion Recovery ServiceDirect emulsion recovery serviceEnerLITE RECOVER Brochure
Water or BrineBase fluid - saturated field brine inhibits washout of salt formationsN/A
Base OilDiesel, mineral oil, synthetic, or other options reduce system densityN/A
NORMULStabilizing surfactant for EnerLITE direct emulsion systemNORMUL Product Bulletin
ENERLUBE LITELubricant compatible with EnerLITE systemENERLUBE LITE Product Bulletin