Viscosifiers – Invert Emulsion

AES VIS LS enhances low shear rate viscosity

Invert Emulsion Viscosifiers

Our viscosifier options provide enhanced rheological control. Whether it’s AES VIS LS to enhance low-end suspension or ENERVIS RM for a flat rheological profile, AES Drilling Fluids provides the products for superior suspension. 

Optimized Rheology

Rheological modifiers enhance fluid properties for suspension across shear rates. Additives vary by their impact on viscosity. Some will enhance low shear rate viscosity to mitigate sag while others contribute to the overall profile. Liquid additives have the ability to impart viscosity at various temperature thresholds to reduce variance in rheology across large temperature variations in the wellbore. 

Organophilic Clays

Organophilic clays are common clays, such as bentonite, that are treated to “oil-loving” materials through a chemical process. The treatment process and base clay will vary by temperature stability and performance requirements. The varieties of clays offered balance cost with performance.

AES Drilling Fluids offers two families of organophilic clays. One is designed to elevated the low shear yield point to minimize settling and sag risk. The second elevates the yield point with less impact on low shear yield point. Organophilic clays also provide supplemental filtration control and enhance emulsion stability.

Organophilic clay products are frequently used in a combination at ratios that vary by desired properties and mud weight.

Liquid Viscosifiers

Liquid additives provide viscosity by building a network around the solids present in the drilling fluid. These additives can consist of surfactants and polymers that can be used with or without organophilic clay additives. 

Liquid additives are key components of “flat” or “fragile gel” systems that change viscosity based upon the temperature. 

ENERVIS RM liquid viscosifier

Viscosity Concepts

Our expertise insures our drilling fluid systems are maintained at maximize performance at with cost. Our TechTips series seeks to educate customers with some of this knowledge related to key drilling fluid concepts.

Invert Emulsion Viscosifiers from AES Drilling Fluids

Our viscosifier options provide optimal drilling fluid properties across drilling environments while minimizing overall fluid cost. Contact your AES Drilling Fluids Account Manager to review product details for your application.

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
AES VISOrganophilic clay to elevate yield pointAES VIS Product Bulletin
AES VIS IIIHigh yield organophilic clay to elevate yield pointAES VIS III Product Bulletin
AES VIS LSOrganophilic clay blend for low shear rate viscosityAES VIS LS Product Bulletin
ENERMOD ERPolymeric viscosifier to elevate low shear rate viscosityENERMOD ER Product Bulletin
ENERVIS RMLiquid rheology modifierENERVIS RM Product Bulletin
TRU VISOrganophilic clay designed for maximum yield in non-aromatic systemsTRU VIS Product Bulletin

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