Maximize ROP in Tight/Hard Formations

EnerCLEAR is a brine drilling fluid which, in certain shale formations, provides high osmotic pressure differential, enabling cuttings to readily clear the bit, resulting in higher rates of penetration versus invert emulsions. EnerCLEAR performs with calcium chloride, calcium ammonium nitrate, and some monovalent brines to provide a lower cost brine solution at higher densities.

Maximizes ROP and extends bit life

Compatible with divalent brines

Maximum corrosion protection

Minimal dilution

Superior Corrosion Protection

A critical component for brine drilling fluids is corrosion protection. Traditionally, corrosion control additives are incompatible with divalent brines. AES Drilling Fluids offers a patented corrosion package featuring ENERSCAV C to scavenge oxygen and ENERHIB C to form a protective coating on drill string components. In the images below, metal samples were exposed to 10.4 lbm/gal calcium chloride brine at a pH of 11. One sample remained untreated (left) while the other (right) was treated with the EnerCLEAR corrosion package. The untreated sample had an equivalent corrosion rate of 100 mpy while the treated sample had an equivalent corrosion rate of less than 2 mpy.

Extend Fluid Life and Minimize Dilution

The EnerCLEAR system features supplemental flocculant additives designed to remove fine solids, minimizing dilution requirements. In combination with our recommended best practice solids control setup, extra brine is saved while limiting chemical consumption. In the image to the right, a sample with solids (left) is treated with ENERCLEAR 1102 flocculant (right) to separate solids that can remain with unassisted solids control equipment.

EnerCLEAR Case Histories

EnerCLEAR Brochure and Related Products

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
EnerCLEAR Brine Drilling Fluid SystemBrine drilling fluid systemEnerCLEAR Brochure
Calcium Chloride, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, or Other BrineBase fluidN/A
ENERHIB CProtective corrosion inhibitor compatible with divalent brinesN/A
ENERSCAV COxygen scavenger compatible with divalent brinesN/A
ENERCLEAR 1102FlocculantN/A