ABS 40

Invert Performance with Greater Environmental Sensitivity

ABS 40 is a synthetic-based invert emulsion system using a base oil blend optimized for performance and environmentally sensitive properties, including zero (non-detect) BTEX and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). ABS 40 provides the performance of an invert emulsion system where conventional oil-based systems are prohibited or undesirable.

ABS 40 BASE, the base oil component of the ABS 40 system, is a proprietary blend of linear paraffins, synthetic iso-alkanes, olefins, and aliphatic fluids. Its biodegradability and low toxicity make the ABS 40 system ideal for land applications where operators seek a more environmentally sensitive drilling fluid but require invert emulsion performance.

Maximize rate of penetration

Highly inhibitive

Minimizes torque

Minimized environmental footprint

Versatile Across a Variety of Drilling Scenarios

ABS 40 is ideal anywhere invert emulsion systems are desired and approved for use, but diesel is undesirable or prohibited. In areas where diesel is prohibited, ABS 40 may offer an acceptable alternative, although this must be confirmed with local regulatory agencies. When drilling on private land, ABS 40 offers a more sensitive option with minimal odor and reduced environmental hazards.

ABS 40 is available at densities ranging from 7.5 lbm/gal to 18.4 lbm/gal with conventional weight material. Standard ABS 40 systems exceed 250°F; however, using high temperature additives, ABS 40 is capable of drilling wells exceeding 400°F.

In extended reach well applications, ABS 40 features a controlled, lower viscosity to aid with turbulent flow, which is critical for hole-cleaning. An elevated aniline point aids to extend elastomer life and a higher flash point simplifies transportation requirements. Optimized solids control equipment aids to limit base fluid consumption due to cuttings retention and reduces base fluid additions for dilution. Supplemental solids control equipment,  including drying shakers or cuttings dryers may further extend fluid life, enhance waste reduction, and improve economics.

Engineered to Perform

ABS 40 provides the superior performance sought when utilizing an invert emulsion fluid: inhibition, faster rates of penetration, lubricity, and simplicity while removing many harmful components found in diesel.

Diesel base fluids are characterized by combustion specifications and viscosity may vary significantly. ABS 40 is blended for consistent viscosity, offering improved rheological control for hole cleaning and pressure management. A higher aniline point presents greater compatibility with elastomers, reducing the risk of motor failures.


ABS 40 has been used in over 3,500 wells drilling offshore and on land with excellent performance in unconventional and conventional wells. Throughout its extensive history, ABS 40 has effectively drilled through a number of formations including shale, carbonates, marl, gumbo and salt.

ABS 40 Brochure and Related Products

The table below features common products used in the ABS 40 system. Not all additives are required and others may not be listed. Contact your AES Drilling Fluids Account Manager to review product details for your application.

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
ABS 40 Synthetic Invert Emulsion SystemSynthetic-based invert emulsion systemABS 40 Brochure
ABS 40 BASE LVBase fluidABS 40 BASE LV Product Bulletin
ABS MULEmulsifier for ABS 40 and other invert emulsion systemsABS MUL Product Bulletin
ABS MUL HTHigh Temperature Emulsifier for ABS 40 and other invert emulsion systemsABS MUL HT Product Bulletin
AES WA IIWetting agent for ABS 40 and other invert emulsion systemsAES WA II Product Bulletin
AES VIS LSLow shear rheology modifying organoclayAES VIS LS Product Bulletin
AES VIS IIIOrganophilic clay viscosifierAES VIS III Product Bulletin