Want to ELIMINATE a Casing String?

Introducing EnerSEAL – MMH Technology, a system that is unique in that it acts as a liquid under shear and as a solid while static.

Better Fluids Equal Better Wells

Drilling fluids companies often offer “generic” solutions; AES prides itself in offering unique processes to optimize fluid design for specific applications.

Enhancing the Efficiency of the Wells you Drill

AES provides innovative products and services to drill complex subsurface conditions including horizontal, directional, geologically deep and offshore drilling.


AES Drilling Fluids, LLC “AES” has emerged as a major player in the drilling fluids sector by contributing to each operator’s successful drilling operations through unique and personalized customer service and operational excellence in all drilling environments. AES offers all the support and capabilities of a major service company, yet is operated as a personalized independent. AES is focused on getting away from the “pre- packaged fluid system” culture.

In order to be successful in the current market, service companies must offer an enhanced business strategy to appease operators. Our segmented approach to solving our clients’ problems allows us to specialize and develop an understanding of the scope required to address all the challenges every project requires. AES operates on the basis of integrity and respect for all parties including customers, co-workers and communities in which AES is involved with.

Liquid under shear, solid under static


Latest Technology

EnerSEAL is proprietary MMH (mixed metal hydroxide) technology.  EnerSEAL is unique in that it acts as a liquid under shear and as a solid while static.  This amounts to a fluid with excellent hole cleaning and fracture sealing capabilities.

EnerSEAL Primary Application
– Directional and Horizontal Drilling
– Loss Circulation
– Weak unconsolidated formations or un-cemented sands
– Coil tubing or wellbore cleanouts

Typical Formulation
– ES-VIS, 8 to 14 ppb
– ES-RM, 0.8 to 1.5 ppb
– ES-K or ES-G inhibitor
– ES-Control (Fluid Loss Additive), 1 to 5 ppb
– Caustic Soda, initial pH 10.0
– AES Barite or Calcium Carbonate, as required
– Other Product additives

AES Drilling Fluids (Corporate Office)

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AES Drilling Fluids is divided in to 5 Divisions. As we continue to grow we are adding offices, warehouses and stock points throughout the U.S. Our corporate office is located in Houston, Texas.

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