Efficiency and Learning in Corporate Marketing

16 Jan ,2024

As a Marketing Intern at AES Drilling Fluids, my experience has been nothing short of
One of the highlights of my internship was creating a new system for organization of all
virtual marketing documents and media, streamlining our processes for optimal efficiency. I also
recorded the marketing merchandise inventory, providing me with valuable insights into the
company’s promotional materials and allowing me to contribute to optimizing resource
management. These hands-on experiences emphasized how effective management of resources
can contribute to the overall success of promotional campaigns.
What sets AES Drilling Fluids apart is not only its position as an industry leader but the great
team I had the privilege of working with. Each colleague at AES embodies a spirit of collaboration
and camaraderie, creating a conductive learning environment for an intern. Under the guidance of
Addee Nortier and Tom Pham, I encountered the environment of corporate marketing strategies and
content creation, expanding my skill set and gaining practical knowledge in the field. In the
landscape of social media, I worked with Addee to brainstorm innovative strategies to enhance our
online presence, engage our audience, and drive brand visibility. Overall, adapting to a corporate
setting was made seamless by the support and expertise of my coworkers, especially Addee and
As I reflect on my time at AES Drilling Fluids, I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute
to a forward-thinking company and for the mentorship that has shaped my experience in the realms
of marketing and content creation. The knowledge gained and relationships formed during this
internship will serve as a solid foundation for my future endeavors in the corporate world.

Blog Author: Maddy Vilven, Marketing Intern