Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a father.

05 Jan ,2024

“Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a father.” As we approach Father’s Day this year, I would like to spotlight the fantastic fathers that trailblaze the path for us. They are the protectors and providers for our families, who will take care of any problems that arise in their children’s lives. My father is the first one I go to when I make mistakes that I cannot fix myself and when I have successes to celebrate. He is a tremendous supporter and source of inspiration in my life.

My father, Khoa, has worked at AES Drilling Fluids for a decade as a Support Services Technician. Before this, he grew up in war-stricken Vietnam, with few opportunities to advance in life. Still, he persevered to finish college, became an engineer, and provided for my little sister and me. His most significant sacrifice was uprooting his entire life to relocate our family to the USA, so my sister and I could have better opportunities and quality of life. So, we moved to Houston, Texas, in 2007 and lived in our extended family’s home. He began working odd jobs and taking night classes at Prairie View A&M University. I vividly remember how tired he would look most nights, but he still took the time to tutor me in math and science. Through hard work and perseverance, he bought a home, then put me through college at the University of Houston and my sister at A&M University.

Thanks to my father’s experiences, I follow in his footsteps as a Marketing Intern at AES Drilling Fluids. After being here for a month, I realized why he had stayed at the company for ten years. The office feels like one big family, and everyone looks out for each other. I am surrounded by exceptional individuals who inspire me daily, and I am learning more than ever about my field and the oil & gas industry. There are three things that I have learned from my father that I bring with me every day at work: Humility, Perseverance, and Kindness. I am forever grateful that he instilled these qualities in me as I started my career at AES Drilling Fluids.

Blog Author: Tom Pham, Marketing Intern