Trenchless/HDD Systems

Trenchless/HDD Technology

Water-based muds offer a wide variety of options, from low-cost and basic to highly inhibitive, performance-driven systems. AES Drilling Fluids offers the flexibility to design the most cost-effective system for the formation. AES Drilling Fluids offers a full suite of performance additives, including lubricants and shale inhibitors, to address technical challenges. 

Through our extensive experience and technical expertise, AES Drilling Fluids designs fluids based upon needs. Whether it is reactive gumbo shales on the Gulf Coast or an extended reach lateral in the Permian Basin, AES Drilling Fluids has the capabilities to determine the best formulation for the application.

Planning and Execution

Drilling fluid programs are designed to address risks and plan for contingencies. Engineering design optimizes hydraulics for effective hole cleaning while treatment schedules identify appropriate times to adjust fluid properties using minimal products.

Effective solids control planning minimizes waste volumes and reduces water consumption. Some fluid systems, such as EnerSEAL HDD, can be reused for maximum cost efficiency.


EnerSEAL HDD addresses numerous HDD/trenchless challenges through its unique rheological profile leveraging a robust MMH technology. 

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Water-Based Mud Additives

Corrosion Inhibitors & Scavengers
Filtration Control
Shale Inhibitors
Loss Prevention & Treatment