Robust Mixed Metal Hydroxide

EnerSEAL HDD is an advanced mixed metal hydroxide (MMH) water-base drilling fluid optimized for horizontal directional drilling. EnerSEAL HDD features superior stability and performance over previous systems. Using a proprietary chemistry, EnerSEAL HDD delivers challenging crossings where MMH technology performs but old systems could not deliver.

EnerSEAL HDD provides ideal flow properties for HDD applications: superior cuttings suspension, low pump pressures, a unique ability for the fluid to dramatically reduce formation losses, reduced torque and drag, and lower waste volumes.

Superior suspension properties

Cures and prevents losses

Efficiently ream large diameter boreholes

Minimize waste streams

Address Loss-Prone Crossings

In many areas, losses can result in costly treatment with lost circulation material and even possible environmental release. EnerSEAL HDD minimizes the risk of losses through its special characteristics where fluid thickens under low shear conditions. Should fluid enter a fracture, it enters a low shear region, subsquently thickening to reduce the risk of further propagation.

Clean Large Diameter Holes

Hole cleaning in large diameter holes is progressively more challenging with both hole side and length of the crossing. When pumps are turned off, such as during a connection, cuttings can settle and restrict further movement, requiring extra circulating time. EnerSEAL HDD’s superior rheological properties minimize this risk to provide optimal hole cleaning and suspension.

Reduce Water Usage and Waste

Improved solids conveyance aids to enhance solids removal and solids control efficiency. This reduces dilution requirements and associated fluid volumes and chemical consumption. At the end of a crossing, EnerSEAL HDD can be stored and reused for even more savings.

EnerSEAL HDD Case Histories, Technical Papers and Publications

EnerSEAL HDD Brochure and Related Products

The table below features common products used in the EnerSEAL HDD system. Not all additives are required and others may not be listed. Contact your AES Drilling Fluids Account Manager to review product details for your application.

ProductDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
EnerSEAL HDD MMH Drilling Fluid SystemRobust mixed metal hydroxide drilling fluid system for HDDEnerSEAL HDD Brochure
ES-VISNaturally occurring premium bentonite viscosifierES-VIS Product Bulletin
ES HDDProprietary blend of metal oxides, conditioners and control agents used to prepare EnerSEAL DDES HDD Product Bulletin
ESL HDDSupplemental treatment with ES HDD to increase viscosityESL HDD Product Bulletin
ESM HDDRheological enhancer for EnerSEAL HDDESM HDD Product Bulletin