IT: Connecting Us To The Future

10 May ,2022

It all started at 8 years old when my father bought me an Apple 2E computer, and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Information Technology. From developing a database for my baseball card collection to building my first 486DX2 computer to access bulletin boards, and later developing countless websites throughout college, I knew I.T. would be my future. And for those that do not know what a bulletin board is, it was what was cool before the internet.

Shortly after graduating, picking up a few Microsoft certifications, and gaining experience at a handful of IT-related jobs, I landed a position with AES Drilling Fluids as a Systems Administrator and Web Developer.

Little did I know then that AES would be my forever home. 18 years later, growing with the many changes AES Drilling Fluids has experienced and having touched everything IT-related under the sun, I am now honored to be the I.T. Manager.

I have been fortunate to retain some of the industry’s top talent that continues to evolve with the fast-paced I.T. industry. Since joining AES, the culture has always been unique. While many would consider AES a large company, it has always felt like a small family to me. The respect every employee has for each other is refreshing and makes every day enjoyable. In addition, the I.T. department works closely with every other division of AES to solve problems as a team, which keeps the company dynamic and highly efficient. Having the ability to implement solutions promptly is another reason we are so successful. I am confident that the future for AES could not be any brighter.

Deviating from legacy technology to 21st-century advancements isn’t an option; it’s a requirement to keep us on top. AES continues to thrive through automation, robust integrations, and collaborative software, which allows our company to work anywhere, regardless of any perceived restrictions. With a vision to continue to automate tasks, integrate applications, and build an infrastructure that supports our growth while maintaining security in today’s world, my team and I are dedicated to keeping AES a cut above the competition.

That being said, I love it here.

Blog Author: Mike Provada, IT Manager