Growing up with Kermit (not the frog).

14 Sep ,2021

I came to AES over three years ago as an Assistant Manager for the Kermit yard and was lucky enough to be promoted to Warehouse Manager shortly after that. My prior experience was in frac, cementing, and wind energy. However, this was my first foray into the drilling side.

Boy, what foray it has been.

The Kermit Facility has had explosive growth since I began here. An OBM extension, rail expansion, bulk barite and bulk diesel facility, a chemical blending facility, a new WBM plant…. Managing CAPEX projects and the new process styles that come with them have been a constant addition to regular job duties. Seeing our Kermit Facility constantly grow and improve not only in capability but also in the knowledge and competence of its employees has been a tremendous source of pride for me.

Speaking of employees, AES has, bar none, the best team I have worked alongside. The thing that separates us is – from warehouse hands to executive team, our people care. That is something you have to build. You get that buy-in from your people by treating them well and letting them know they make a difference. We never say, “We can’t do it.” Instead, we say, “Let’s figure it out,” and that makes all difference.

A team motivated and working towards one purpose, makes the magic happen.

And Kermit is a magical place.

Blog Author: Douglas Kultti, Warehouse Manager – Kermit Facility