The Power of Empowering

09 Nov ,2021

I’ve always thought the most significant differentiating factor for AES as a company is our people. One of the lesser-known aspects of being a warehouse manager is the opportunity and necessity to communicate with just about everyone here at AES. Procurement, Operations, Accounting, and Engineering all have a part in the success of our warehouses, and as such, building rapport with those who represent these departments has always been crucial. A couple of things I’ve noted over the years of various projects and daily operations is the empowerment our people have to own their positions and wear many hats within a role to meet our goals.

In my opinion, this level of work ethic has provided teams of well-rounded leaders that have a firsthand understanding of the process, tasks, obstacles, and solutions involved with their positions.

It is crucial to have the ability to pick up the phone and call whoever has particular expertise in a subject and is willing to share their insights and recommendations. Thus, the open interdepartmental discussions culminate into an environment where many of the challenges we face can be taken on with years of understanding and learned knowledge.

Experiences and knowledge gained from those who have been at it much longer than myself have proven to be extremely helpful in many challenging situations within my role and as a leader to a team.

I have the opportunity to develop and manage teams of people by encouraging their strengths, empowering and entrusting them to own their positions to achieve our shared goals, illuminating the importance of their tasks in the company’s overall success. These opportunities have provided a level of fulfillment within my role that is hard to match.

AES does a great job of rewarding our people for their efforts and merits, and throughout our company, you will find those that have followed a path from the entry-level to leadership.

Our people can see these career growths; they are a testament to where hard work can take you within AES. So, it is our people and the work they do, along with the collective guidance of our leaders, that have allowed us to maintain such a high level of service. The open discourse and excellent working relationships have allowed us to keep the small family type feel while still being able to operate on an ever-growing scale, and for me, what makes AES a truly special place.

Blog Author: Jacob Hegwood, Warehouse Manager – El Campo Facility